Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paul Krugman: "Government IS the solution, markets are the problem!"

~ During my recent trip to NYC, I ran into Paul Krugman, who was teary-eyed for nearly 35 minutes - standing in awe of the NY Federal Reserve at 33 Liberty Street. 

JD: Do you need a kleenex Paul? And why do you place so much faith in central planning to run our lives and the economy?

Paul Krugman: Ok, listen - I'm a PhD, you're NOT so listen up. The government ALWAYS has the people's best interest. The government is the brain, or engine that keeps this economy going. We need more spending, taxes and regulation to sustain the primary entity that can bring us out of depression, and into prosperity. If FDR did it, THEN SO CAN OBAMA. And anybody who disagrees with me is a Neo-confederate racist!

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