Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Obama: "I am the greatest president since George W. Bush!"

~ While visiting Pebble Beach recently, I crossed paths with Pres. Obama - who was golfing with the CEO's of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, CitiGroup, Haliburton and KB Toys.

JD: Mr. President, you look awfully happy for somebody who now has a single digit approval rating; what's up with that?

Barack Obama: Let me tell you, uhhh, uhhh - I am optimistic that the American people will put as much faith in me to lead the country, just as they did back in '08. Now, you see me golfing with these CEO's; they are part of the American population too, so their grievances need to be heard as well. Now, what are my chances of winning against the GOP in 2012 you might ask? Well, uhhh, uhhh - where'd my teleprompter go?

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