Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Michele Bachmann: "I stole from you in order to help you!"

~ As I walked past the Lincoln Memorial yesterday, I briefly spoke with Michelle Bachmann after she finished paying homage to Honest Abe.

JD: Mrs. Bachmann, since you're campaigning on a small government platform, do you support Ron Paul's position to completely eliminate the IRS?

M-Bach: Oh no, absolutely not! We should be HIRING and not firing the IRS. Listen, I served my country and did my patriotic duty as an IRS lawyer. How else can we fund the DHS, TSA, CIA, FBI and protect from ourselves from terrorism? Without people like me confiscating your paycheck and inheritance, how else are we going to pay for our glorious crusades into Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and Venezuela? 

JD: But, how can you -

M-Bach: I'm not finished! How can our $120K/year pensions be funded without the IRS? And do you expect me to come and work four hours per day, three days a week for FREE? I am the true face of the Tea party after successfully hijacking it from the likes of Ron Paul. Besides, I love America - so there!!

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