Monday, July 11, 2011

George W. Bush: "I aren't sure that Obama is a better public speaker than I."

~ As I passed by the local knitting club in Crawford, Texas - I noticed George W. Bush finishing up his latest quilt. I went inside to say Hello, and see what he's been up to.

JD: Hi Mr. President, how do you think that Obama has been doing so far?

George W. Bush: Hey there buddy. Yeah, uhh..been doing this and that. But I'm kinda disappointed that the media made fun of my speech problems, but they ain't doing the same to Obama. See, I couldn't speak WITH a teleprompter and Obama can't speak WITHOUT one. Although I took my job seriously, my mind was always on the next golf outing, so I couldn't focus while speaking. Uhhh...what were we just talking bout?

JD: Teleprompters sir.

George W. Bush: Oh yeah! Well, don't tell nobody, but Hillary recently told me that she's gonna have one of her Staff UNPLUG Obama's teleprompters during the next State of the Union. See, she's still bitter after losing to him in 2008. Ha!

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