Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bill Clinton: "I almost joined the TSA, but didn't when they told me that I could only pat down men!"

~ During my recent visit to Little Rock, Arkansas - I ran into former pres. Bill Clinton while having lunch at Hog's Diner.

JD: Hey Bill, why the long face? You normally look happier when you're this far away from your wife?

Bill Clinton: I'll tell you what buddy, I've just had the disappointment of a lifetime. You know those TSA agents who get to frisk and fondle innocent travelers? Well, I thought I'd do my country a service and protect the airports by joining the TSA. But [sob, sob] THEY TOLD ME THAT I COULD ONLY PAT-DOWN MEN! Who do they think I am, BARNEY FRANK!?  Oh - what's your name little waitress?

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