Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Biden: "We might have to stop murdering Muslim civilians if debt ceiling is not increased!"

~ After paying a visit to Lockheed Martin headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA - I ran into VP Joe Biden, who had just successfully test fired a remote drone attack on the village of Pidakkesh, Pakistan.

JD: Mr. Biden, what are your thoughts about the debt ceiling?

Joe Biden: This is a big deal, a real - oops! I should watch my language since the media is here. Anyway, if we don't raise the debt limit, we may have to scale back in the war on terror. You what what that means, do ya?!

JD: No.

Joe Biden: It means that we won't be able to purchase anymore HellFire drone missiles or Tomahawk Cruise bombs to shell out against those worthless Middle Eastern civilians! Look, I JUST FIRED A BARRAGE on a remote village in Pakistan; you just don't comprehend the THRILL from doing this. It's WAY better than Halo 3!

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